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Why Canadian funky music needs to be rescued

Over the years, Canadian artists and producers have released tons of great recordings. But somehow, that music silently faded into total obscurity and was forgotten.

In some extreme cases, artists who achieved superstar status somewhere in their careers and sold millions of records were forgotten by the general Canadian public. They should be praised for their work. Their legacy should be taught at schools and constantly revisited and commented so the young people can get to know them.

In many countries, they would be adored and cherished. But not in Canada. Why?

It’s not a matter of forcing people to like that music, but simply of making that music available due to its historical importance. Since the music is very good, for sure many people will like it, perform it, get inspired by it to create something new, sample it… well, sky’s the limit.

Canadians, in addition to their everlasting struggles to consider themselves a single nation and be proud of themselves as Canadians, suffer from a strange form of ageism. Young people ignore whatever and whoever they consider “old”, for being “old”. Possibly, some cultural aspects like parents and grandparents not spending quality time with their children and grandchildren, in addition to kids leaving home at 17/18 for college many miles away, help. Thousands of records sit unnoticed at second-hand vinyl stores, being sold by peanuts, with great music that in some cases isn’t available on Spotify.

I hope to contribute for the re-discovery of this music not only by Canadians, but also by people from all over the world. Great music should never remain obscure, and music has no age!