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Canada Grooves

Welcome to Canada Grooves! The home of the most infectious grooves created in the True North during the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, 2000s… Here, you can find quality information on Canadian rare soul, funk, disco and electronic dance music.

My name is Alexei Michailowsky, A.K.A. Dr. Alex. I completed a PhD in Music in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and immigrated to Canada shortly after. I am currently taking my second PhD at York University (Toronto). I also have a strong connection to DJing and electronic music production, since taking part at the 2004 Red Bull Music Academy in Rome (Italy).

After so many years, I thought that there was no more obscure funky music to discover. Then someone told me: “welcome to Canada!”

Grooveologists are a very connected worldwide community. All over the planet, we can see DJs, vinyl collectors and aficionados digging crates in record stores. But an interesting phenomenon takes place in Canada. The country has been home to a big groovy music production industry since the early seventies. But those amazing artists and records have generally waned into obscurity. At this point (July 2020), most of the original vinyl records can be bought at your favourite store in Toronto or Montreal for excellent prices.

Although some of that music sold a lot back in the day and artists were very popular (to the point of winning Juno awards or eventually reaching the first places at the Billboard Magazine‘s dance music charts), they are not easily remembered or celebrated home.

The truth is that with its incredible human and cultural diversity, Canada has been producing some fantastic music for decades. The gold is just a few steps away. It only takes someone to kick-start the unearthing season.

Some artists and songs are on Spotify. Many aren’t.

I would like to contribute for the proper recognition of Canadian groovy music. Here, you will find the results of my scholarly research projects – I am a PhD in Music, currently taking a second PhD at York University, and one of my strongest current research interests is Canadian groovy music from the seventies and eighties – in addition to my personal endeavours in this fascinating world.

Warning: this website contains extremely funky music! Eh?